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Tsar Peter the Great Stays at the “Guesthouse of the Kings”

In 1712, Tsar Peter the Great stayed for one night in the building of the “Alte Canzley”. Tsar Peter was, at that time, still at war with Sweden and stayed as the guest of the befriended King of Saxony. The Great Northern War between Sweden and Russia, the main contenders, lasted from 1700 to 1721.

Peter the Great, however, was not just a soldier. His main goal was to transform the still medieval Russia into a modern empire. He travelled throughout Europe to learn from other states and slowly reached his goal. By the end of the Great Northern War in 1721, Russia was a modern and major power in Europe.

As the building of the “Alte Canzley” in Wittenberg was no longer needed as a guesthouse for the King of Saxony, it was used as a hotel during the remainder of the 18th century. The hotel was called “Stadt London” (City of London).

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