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King Charles of Sweden Stays at the “Guesthouse of the Kings” – our House

Starting at the beginning of the 18th century, the building where our hotel is now located was used as a guesthouse for the King of Saxony. Many aristocrats or ambassadors of other European nations stayed here, where today you can enjoy your vacation.

In 1707, King Charles XII Of Sweden stayed for a night in this building. Sweden at that time had been at war against Poland and Saxony since 1700. After unsuccessfully battling against Poland, Charles XII started to attack Saxony in 1706. This was more successful and after his stay in the building of the “Alte Canzley” in February 1707, Charles XII signed a peace treaty, later that same year.

The treaty allowed Charles XII to focus on one of his other enemies, the Russian Tsar Peter the Great.

Experience the fourth dimension – history – in our hotel. We would like to welcome you as our guest!