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Justus Jonas Moves into the "Chancellery"

After Luther published the 95 Theses in 1517, Wittenberg was a center of the Reformation, with a growing number of intellectuals settling in the town. One of these intellectuals was Justus Jonas.

Jonas studied in Wittenberg for one semester in 1511 and became a follower of Luther in the years after the publication of the theses. In early 1521 he became provost of Wittenberg and moved into the building where our hotel is now located. His appointment came about from the recommendations of Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon.

On April 18, 1521, he accompanied Luther to the Diet of Worms and was one of the most active reformists, while Luther was absent at the Wartburg castle. Jonas’ mastery in both Latin and German made him one of Luther’s and Melanchthon’s main translators, assisting Luther in the translation of the Bible.

Jonas lived and worked in Wittenberg until 1544. After Jonas moved out, his son – Justus Jonas the Younger – lived in this house and completely renovated it in 1558.

Over the next decades and centuries many other political and intellectual leaders came to Wittenberg to live or study here – and to breathe history.

Among them were kings, like Tsar Peter and King Gustav of Sweden; great poets such as Goethe, Schiller and others. Even Shakespeare eternalized the city of Wittenberg in his famous “Hamlet - Prince of Denmark” in which the Queen of Denmark warns her son not to return to the intellectually too vibrant city of Wittenberg.

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