History: Explore the Times of Martin LutherHotel: Wake Up in Front of the Theses Door



The name of our hotel, “Alte Canzley,” means “Old Chancellery” and for centuries has been the residence of the chancellors of the powerful Saxon kings residing in Wittenberg. King Frederick the Wise (1463 – 1525) who resided there at the time of Martin Luther, was one of the candidates to be appointed Emperor of the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation,” the most powerful potentate in the western world at that time. However, Frederick declined due to his advanced age.

Our building is located directly opposite to their Medieval Castle and the Castle Church, at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can enjoy a direct view of the castle grounds and the the world famous ‘Theses Door’ of the Castle Church from most of our rooms.

Our highest priority is the comfort of our guests. Our rooms are suitable for guests with allergies and one apartment is handicapped accessable. In addition to a sauna, our wellness center also offers our guests hydrotherapy. The combination of historical and traditional ambience, along with our superb organic restaurant, makes for a highly enjoyable and relaxing stay.

Wake up at the UNESCO World Heritage Site and prepare for an unforgettable vacation!